About the Blogger

At Hello Cupcake on Pacific.

My name is Jessi and I am the fashion columnist at the Ledger, UWT’s newspaper. I started this blog as an extension of my column when I want to post photos that inspire me and potentially inspire others with regards to their wardrobe.

I graduated from Stadium High in 2008. From there I went to TCC and earned my Associates and then transferred to UWT to major in Communication.

As for fashion experience, I have little besides modeling in my distant past. I won some mall modeling competition and got to have a test shoot in Manhattan with Elite Model Management. After being told my nose photographs awkwardly and receiving the photos from the shoot and a note from the agent that read “Jessi! Your photos are beauty!” that was that. Then getting to fly down to LA for a mass interview to be on ANTM, making it past all the rounds with my PNW sass ‘n frass (because comparatively speaking, I looked like I wandered in off the street) I decided it wasn’t for me and never sent in the paperwork to be considered for the show. But after being in that world and keeping up with trends, I believe I have developed a keen eye for this stuff and hope to pass the fun onto readers.

So that’s me. Read my blog. Yes. Bye.



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